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   Desk lamp

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Why the name?

I have always had an interest in the infusion of spirit and personality into design objects. BuraBura is no exception. The name refers to a Japanese Yokai folklore character of a possessed lantern. There is definitely an electric vibe with the neon and touch switch; pair that with natural wood and this thing feels alive! 

Touch it!

Each BuraBura lamp is entirely handmade by me and numbered in series. All are composed of a carved wood base and feature hand shaped neon glass. Every one is unique, simple and clean. Using only a light touch for on/off or a prolonged touch for four levels of dimming/brightening, the functionality feels futuristic without flaunting technology.


gets Freaky!

Alright, so every BuraBura is unique, right? Yes, and they only get weirder.  Limited series, one-off themed, and quirky BuraBura lamps are on the horizon. Stay tuned, fun variations are coming soon!